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Document Attestation

If you are planning to study in the U.S.A. your documents can be certified at the Fulbright offices. The certification done at our Commission’s Ankara and İstanbul offices is accepted by U.S. universities. We can certify only academic documents, such as transcripts and diplomas.

To have your documents certified: 
The documents can be translated by the document owner or by a translation bureau. Even if the documents are translated by a certified translator, our Educational Advisers check them again for accuracy. The documents which have been translated by a certified translator should not have the seal of the translator. The original documents along with the translations should be brought to our offices. We cannot certify documents whose originals are not provided. If you do not have the original documents, bring the copies with you which are certified by your university or the notary as a “True Copy”.

Please pay attention to the following reminders before bringing your documents to our offices.

  • The document to be certified should have all the information written on the original including the names of the people who signed the original and the personal identification information which is usually written on the back side of the diplomas.
  • You cannot photocopy or print the documents in our offices. In addition, you cannot use your flash disks on our office computers. You should double check whether the translated documents are complete and bring in the correct number of copies to be certified.
  • The Commission charges 5.00 TL for one “set” of documents. This means we certify the original and the translation of a document as one set no matter how many pages. For example, a two page transcript copy and its translation is one set. We accept only cash for document certification.
  • Please make an appointment for document certification. We may give you the certified copies on the following working day depending on the length of the documents.