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Professor Aziz Sancar PhD Grant

Grant Application Period is Now Closed
Thank you for your interest in applying for the Professor Aziz Sancar PhD Grant. The April 10, 2017 deadline has passed and the application period has closed for AY 2018-2019.

 The below information is for your reference only. Kindly keep checking the website for notification of the 2019-2020 announcement as updates to grants occur every year.

The Fulbright Turkey Award in Biophysics and Biochemistry in Honor of Professor Prof. Aziz Sancar

The Turkish Fulbright Commission awards a special grant program in honor of Prof. Aziz Sancar, recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The PhD grant, which is a part of the Fulbright Student Program, is for the 2018-2019 academic year and will be awarded to those who wish to obtain a doctorate degree under the academic supervision of Prof. Aziz Sancar. The grantees will complete their PhD education at the Department of Chemistry of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The grant is for maximum two academic years and is designated according to the academic calendar of the University of North Carolina. Renewal of the PhD program depends on the academic success of the grantee at the end of the first year. As the grant covers the first two years of the PhD program, the grantees must provide the necessary financial support themselves (families, universities, assistantships, etc.) for the remaining years.

The total amount of the grant covers expenses up to 50,000 US Dollars for one academic year. The tuition and fees (including 1,000 USD book allowance and 350 USD settling-in allowance) at the University of North Carolina, monthly living expenses (1,380 USD for the Chapel Hill Campus) and health insurance are covered within the limits of the grant. In addition, round-trip plane tickets are bought for the grantees.

Candidates who consider applying to the Professor Aziz Sancar PhD Grant must fulfill the conditions of the Fulbright PhD Grant and comply with all application requirements. In addition to the application requirements of the Fulbright PhD Grant, candidates who wish to apply to the Professor Aziz Sancar PhD Grant must submit the below-mentioned documents during their application:

  • Professor Aziz Sancar PhD Grant Letter of Application (e-mail your letter of application to trprog@fulbright.org.tr before the April 10th application deadline and add its original copy with signature to your application package)
  • Letter of Intent specific to the Professor Aziz Sancar PhD Grant (It must be written in addition to the essays required on the Embark application form and uploaded to the “Additional Upload Page” section)
  • The candidates must hold a minimum score of 75 for the TOEFL iBT test or 6 for the Academic IELTS test to apply to the Fulbright PhD Grant. However, applicants must be aware that acceptance criterion for the University of North Caroline is minimum 90 for TOEFL iBT and 7 for IELTS.


Candidates may apply for both the Fulbright PhD Grant and the Professor Aziz Sancar PhD Grant at the same time. It is sufficient to fill a single online (Embark) application form and prepare a single Application Package. The Professor Aziz Sancar PhD Grant Letter of Application, which you will add to your application package, will be taken into account for the consideration of your application to the Professor Aziz Sancar PhD Grant.

Candidates can contact the Educational Advising Unit of our Commission via advising@fulbright.org.tr or fulb-ist@fulbright.org.tr for detailed information about application requirements and application documents for the grant.