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Services for U.S. Universities

As the Educational Advising Unit of the Turkish Fulbright Commission, we provide information to U.S. higher education institution representatives who visit Turkey about the Turkish education system, Turkish universities, and Turkish student profiles.

According to the annual Open Doors report published by the Institute of International Education, there were 10.724 Turkish students studying in the U.S.A. in 2015. With this number, Turkey is number 13 in the world and number 2 in Europe.

The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) prepares a list of universities abroad whose diplomas are recognized in Turkey. In order for your university’s diploma to be recognized in Turkey you should contact YÖK.

As the Turkish Fulbright Commission’s Ankara and İstanbul offices and EducationUSA centers, we provide the following services to U.S. Schools:

  • Displaying the catalogues, CD-ROM / DVDs of U.S. universities in our offices and sharing them with the students.
  • Recommending which Turkish schools they can visit in Turkey.
  • Giving advice about the hotels they can stay in Turkey.
  • Providing the contact information of the high school counselors at Turkish high schools so that they can make appointments.
  • Helping them find contact people in Ministry of National Education and The Council of Higher Education.
  • Helping them find contact people at the Turkish universities that they can build partnerships.
  • Providing information on Study Abroad Education Fairs.
  • Organizing webinar sessions for Turkish students to contact U.S. universities.
  • Providing information about the grant programs and financial aid given by the Turkish government and foundations.
  • Certifying the academic documents of Turkish students.
  • Introducing other academic programs in the U.S.A, such as certificate programs and intensive English programs.

In addition to the services provided by our Commission, please visit the EducationUSA web site for EducationUSA services.

Services for U.S. Universities

We believe that the tips listed below will be helpful for U.S. school representatives who want to reach out to more Turkish students.

1. To increase interest, information in Turkish on your web site would help along with putting the logos and contact information of EducationUSA and The Turkish Fulbright Commission on your web site.

2. Learn about the network of 450+ EducationUSA Advising Centers around the world.

3. Let EducationUSA Educational Advisers and Regional Educational Advising Coordinators (REACs) know about your new programs, departments, and scholarship opportunities.

4. You can inform the Turkish students who apply to your university that they can contact EducationUSA Advising Centers and The Turkish Fulbright Commission during their application process.

5. Refer students with inquiries to the EducationUSA centers for help with the admissions process, essay writing, locating funding, pre-departure orientation, visa application, etc.

6. Encourage your office of International Programs/Students to engage international students in campus life and events.

7. Match international students with American campus buddies to help them adapt to campus life more easily.

8. Provide emergency housing options for international students during vacation periods.

9. Issue I-20s and DS2019s as quickly as possible and ask about preferred mode of delivery.

10. Allow students to pay the application fees and deposits using a credit card instead of sending a check or money order, as both are very costly in Turkey. Let them know they can pay by credit card through your web site or on the phone.

11. Remember that students look at blogs, student newspapers, and local and regional newspapers. You can share news about the activities of international students in these publications.

12. Match international students with Turkish students at your university so that they can help guide them. If you do not have Turkish students, you can get help from other international students.

13. The recruiter/faculty member from your university can have an information session and mock audition or portfolio evaluation in the information session in Turkey. This is a great way to get students to come to sessions and identify good matches for the school. The students should be provided with feedback.

14. Use Turkish alumni to help you with outreach. Ensure the commitment of local alumni by checking in and having alumni events in Turkey.

15. Keep in close contact with your Turkish alma mater and professors so that they can have short sessions every year about job opportunities in the field and how being a University of …  alumnus or the international education experience helped them become who they are today.

If You Are Completely New to Turkey…

1.  Find out if your school is accredited by The Council of Higher Education (YÖK). If you need assistance, contact our offices and The Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy.

2. Make use of EducationUSA Centers’ and The Turkish Fulbright Commission’s local contacts.

3. Learn about the Turkish culture and get to know Turkish schools to understand your applicants better.

4. Have information sessions at EducationUSA Advising Centers and Fulbright Offices to talk to interested students. If you cannot physically come to our offices, you can organize these sessions through DVCs, webinars or Skype sessions

5. Send promotional materials to EducationUSA Advising Centers.

6. Contact the International Offices at the Turkish universities to reach students interested in studying in the U.S.A.

7. Visit Turkey and attend education fairs.

8. Have your information brochures translated into Turkish for use during fairs, outreach events, and to put on your web page.

You can contact us for other ideas in reaching Turkish students and /or send your questions regarding the Turkish education system to advising@fulbright.org.tr

We would like to thank you for your interest in Turkey and Turkish students.