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Distance Education Programs


International students who cannot attend a long term academic program in the U.S.A. for personal, geographical, or economic reasons have an opportunity to join distance learning programs especially with recent advancements in technology. In distance learning programs, the educational process takes place even when the instructor and the student are not at the same place at the same time.

Before making a decision to start such a unique program, students need to consider whether they are ready for this kind of a program or not. Students in these programs have to possess great self-discipline to study independently and the technical skills to understand the instructions given online. Also, these students have to be realistic about the time they can spare for this type of education by taking their family and work responsibilities into consideration. Some of these programs may require the students to physically go to the university campus in the U.S.A. to take courses or to take exams even it is for a short time. As a result, this means extra expenditures, or if the student is working, asking permission for leave from his/her employer.

After deciding that you are capable of taking a distance learning program, you need to do thorough research about the programs you are interested in. This research should especially focus on your aims, the total cost, your computer’s technical properties, and how much technical and academic help you will receive from the school. This kind of a detailed research will reduce the number of future problems that may come up. The EducationUSA web site can help students understand the different options in distance learning programs.

The accreditation of these programs, which means that their diploma or degree is recognized in the U.S.A., is an important issue which you should keep in mind. In order to learn whether these programs are accredited in Turkey or not, please consult the Council of Higher Education.