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Internship Opportunities

Some universities in the U.S.A. provide internship opportunities for international students to practice what they have learned in their specific fields of study. These internships can be either paid or unpaid. To participate in this kind of internship, student should either be a continuing student or have graduated in the last twelve months.

It is important to note that “Trainee” internships are a little different. In this kind of internship, students have either a university diploma or a professional certificate and at least one year of work experience. The main goal of both internship programs is to help people develop their academic and professional knowledge and skills as well as learn more about the American culture and lifestyle.

It is expected that the English language skills of interns are at an advanced level in order to help them communicate in daily life. The maximum duration of internships is twelve months but trainee programs can last up to eighteen months. It is a must to get J-1 Visa (Exchange Visitor) for both internship programs. In order to qualify for a J-1 Visa, the applicants should receive a DS-2019 Form from the host institution. This form is the formal document which shows your acceptance to the institution.

We advise students to begin planning early if they are interested in doing an internship in the U.S.A. Before you start doing research on internship programs, clarify why you want to do an internship, your financial status, and your schedule. With this information, you can start making applications more efficiently. A resumé is required along with a cover letter for your applications. In your cover letter, state why you are applying to that institution and why they should select you in a short, concise way. In order to find an institution to do an internship, do not forget that you are competing with many other candidates. Therefore you need to put some effort into this process.

Students, who wish to obtain more information regarding internship opportunities in the U.S.A. can visit our Commission’s Ankara and İstanbul Offices and use the reference books. You can also utilize the web addresses on our Useful Web Sites page to find internship programs.