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Short Term Programs

If you would like to study at a U.S. university but do not want to get a diploma or a degree, you can choose between university exchange programs, visiting student/special student programs, or summer school options which are one semester to one academic year long.

University Exchange Programs

It may be attractive for Turkish students to study at a U.S. university for one semester or one academic year. Many U.S. universities have exchange programs with other universities all around the world. The main goal of these programs is to enable students to study at different universities and gain study experience abroad. The credits earned from the courses taken during these programs are counted toward the students’ diploma program. Turkish students who wish to participate in exchange programs should contact the International Relations Offices at their universities to learn more about the requirements.

“Special Student” Status

Many U.S. universities allow international students who have undergraduate degrees or who are still pursuing their undergraduate or Master’s degrees take courses for credit hours by having a non-degree or special student status.

Summer School 

Some U.S. universities continue their academic year between May and August. During this time, the universities may open one or two summer school programs. These summer school  terms last for six to ten weeks. These programs are called Summer Session or Summer School. Not only international students but also American students are interested in summer school programs.

The summer programs offer students either credit or non-credit courses. The non-credit courses may not be counted for credit at the students’ universities in Turkey. It is highly recommended that students consult with their professors or academic advisers in Turkey before beginning a summer school program. At the end of these summer school programs, students who take courses for credit are given a transcript showing the courses they have completed and the grades received. Students who take non-credit courses only receive a certificate showing their attendance at the program.

Certificate Programs

In the U.S.A. there are many certificate programs for recent graduates or professionals with work experience who wish to refresh their knowledge or make changes in their sector. These programs are usually preferred by those who either do not have enough time or enough money for a Master’s degree or other long term programs. The length of these programs vary from one week to one year.

These certificate programs are organized by the universities’ Department / School of Continuing Education. It is important to contact these departments at the universities to understand what their program offers. In order to apply for certificate programs, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree and good command of the English language (TOEFL or IELTS scores are required). Application deadlines are usually the same as regular university admissions deadlines, but the process is easier and faster since there are fewer documents required.

International students who join these programs have many advantages such as; getting more practical information rather than theoretical through the intensive courses, sharing their experience in the same classroom with other professionals, and improving their English language skills.

Visiting Scholars and Academic Research

There are many post-doc opportunities at U.S. universities for those who have a Doctorate degree. U.S. universities usually allow visiting scholars to conduct personal research using their academic facilities. In order to do research at U.S. universities, scholars should contact the heads of the departments of interest and provide them with a detailed CV and a research proposal. Visiting scholars wishing to do post-doc research should either finance this research themselves or find an institution to finance it for them.

Turkish faculty members and researchers who have started a research project in Turkey and want to continue the research in the U.S.A. can apply for our Commission’s Visiting Scholar Program. These applicants must have received their Ph.D. degree minimum three years before the application deadline.