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Amerikalı Bursiyerlerimiz için Okuma Önerileri


Atatürk Andrew Mango
New Turkish Republic: Turkey as a Pivotal State in the Muslim World Graham Fuller
Winning Turker: How America,
Europe, and Turkey Can Revive a Fading Partnership
Phillip H. Gordon, Omer Taspinar and Soli Ozel
The Turks Today Andrew Mango
Turkey (Country Guide) (Lonely Planet) James Bainbridge
The Rebirth of a Nation: Atatürk, A Biography of Mustafa Kemal Lord Kinross
The Empire of the Steppes Renee Grousset (Tr. Naomi Walford)
Inner Asia Denis Sinor
Pre-Ottoman Turkey Claude Cahen
The Book of Dede Korkut Anonymous (Tr. Geoffrey Lewis, Penguin Classics)
History of the Ottoman Empire&Modern Turkey S.J. Shaw and E.K. Shaw
The Rise of the West William H. McNeill
Death and Exile: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ottoman Muslims, 1821-1922 Justin McCarthy
The Emergence of Modern Turkey Bernard Lewis
The Development of Secularism in Turkey Niyazi Berkes
Islam in Modern History Wilfred Cantlwell Smith
The Turks David Hotham
The Turkish Language Reform: A Catastrophic Success Geoffrey Lewis
The Transformation of Turkish Culture, the Atatürk Legacy Renda and Kortepeter
The Turks in World History Carter Vaughn Findley